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Ukraine Map

Ukraine Map

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Support Children affected by the war in Ukraine. 100% of the proceeds (with nothing skimmed off the top) will be donated to UNICEF.

 $21,598.16 raised

(as of 10/31/2023 ) $10,000 goal

UNICEF or the United Nations Children's Fund provides relief to children during catastrophic events. They are engaged in humanitarian and development efforts all over the world. 

You can do your research here:

From UNICEF: “Children are the least responsible for war in Ukraine, but they suffer most from its consequences. Your 100% tax-deductible donation will help UNICEF ensure that Ukraine's children have access to safe water, nutrition, health care, education and protection. Less than 3% of funds go to administrative costs.”

 From the Lord of Maps side of things: I will donate 100% of the sales from this map. Meaning if you buy it for $19.99 I will donate $19.99 regardless of the costs on my end. We have been doing this same thing with the Africa map (see here) and have donated over $10,000! That’s insane!

 How is this sustainable? Because the Ukraine map isn’t the only product I sell, and many people find other maps they really like, the costs to print and fulfill the Ukraine Map are easily covered. Hypothetically, a million people could purchase the Ukraine map, and it wouldn’t bankrupt my company because enough people would likely purchase a map in addition to Ukraine. So far this has been the case with the Africa map.

 What if the War resolves quickly and the need for aide disappears? In that happy scenario, the proceeds of this map will go to a general UNICEF fund. Unfortunately, there are always children in dire need somewhere in the world.  



High quality print of my hand-drawn map. It’s printed on heavy paper (think card-stock but thinner). This thing is hand-drawn, so I wouldn’t recommend it for navigating cities or hiking trails....or really anything except wandering.



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