About the Artist

I’m Isaac



Do you find yourself poring over old maps when you think no one is looking? I certainly do. Like most of you, I grew up spending hours on Google Maps exploring insanely remote places and trying to find tiny islands. Needless to say, the world is awesome.

My maps are different. Sure, you can look online and find 99% accurate maps that are perfectly vectorized and whatever. But where is the magic in that? Give me a map that is raw and wriggling. Something that has real soul put into it. Something that takes me, not just to the places depicted, to other worlds, different times.

That’s the goal. When you take a gander at my maps, I hope you feel something. I hope you hear a babbling brook wandering through a far green valley. I hope you can almost smell the crisp air passing over thick forests and towering mountains. I hope these maps take you away. Away to somewhere simpler. A land where people enjoy the little things and delight in the wholesome.

Anyway, I think you will enjoy these maps. They were an absolute joy to draw.

Other things about me:

My name is Isaac Christian Dushku. I hail from the wild village of Centerville Utah.

I'm 24 years old and still figuring out what to do with my life. Fortunately, I've got a companion for this journey: my dear wife. She is basically just like me minus all the bad things and plus all the good things I lack. Actually, she isn't just like me, but it all works out.

We love to eat good food and draw maps together. She is originally from Korea, then moved to India, and then settled in Alabama,  so I basically hit the jack-pot in the food department. She is also amazing at art and has created some beautiful maps (See Korea, Georgia, Idaho, New York State and Wisconsin). 

Here's an updated picture of my crew

This is my baby June. We call her June-bug or, when brevity isn't an issue, Juniper Jupiter Jubilee June. She loves to throw up and sleep. I used to be super grossed out by every thing like that, but now I am super desensitized because everything I own is covered in baby spit up.