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Africa Map

Africa Map

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High quality print of my hand-drawn map. It’s printed on heavy paper (think card-stock but thinner). This thing is hand-drawn, so I wouldn’t recommend it for navigating cities or hiking trails....or really anything except wandering.



These frames perfectly compliment my maps. They that add to the vibe I’m going for. With a good solid build, these frames will last for generations with a style that is timeless.

Note from the Artist: Personally, I prefer to hang my art without any sort of glass insert. While the glass prevents damage, I think it introduces a glare that I want to avoid. Without glass, you can take pictures of your map in direct sunlight glare free!

100% of total sales will be donated to the Malaria Consortium, the highest rated charitable organization in the world!

This is the most important map I have ever made and I am excited to present it to you. Behold, AFRICA! Important not just because the continent of Africa is so beautiful, but because this map will help save lives.

When you purchase this map you will help fight the scourge of malaria that kills millions (mostly children) in Sub-Saharan Africa and parts of South East Asia. The Malaria Consortium was given the highest rating by and focuses on data driven efforts that are cost effective and lead to proven impacts. They supply simple, but life saving medication to children. It costs about $7 to protect a child from malaria and they estimate that $3,000-$5,000 will save a life.

There are many wonderful charities out there, but dollar for dollar the Malaria Consortium is the most effective and direct way to save a life. Pretty bold statement. I have been so blessed by people supporting my artwork that I want to provide an easy way to give back. 




 AS OF 8/31/2023



*** I wont take a penny from this. The entire sale will be donated ***

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