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Washington Map Version 2

Washington Map Version 2

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Version two??? This is the first map I have done twice. My first Washington map did great, but had some fundamental errors. Washington 2.0 has more mountains, greater emphasis on natural beauty and iconic spots (like Mt Rainier).



High quality print of my hand-drawn map. It’s printed on heavy paper (think card-stock but thinner). This thing is hand-drawn, so I wouldn’t recommend it for navigating cities or hiking trails....or really anything except wandering.



These frames perfectly compliment my maps. They that add to the vibe I’m going for. With a good solid build, these frames will last for generations with a style that is timeless.

Note from the Artist: Personally, I prefer to hang my art without any sort of glass insert. While the glass prevents damage, I think it introduces a glare that I want to avoid. Without glass, you can take pictures of your map in direct sunlight glare free!

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