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The Seven Summits Map

The Seven Summits Map

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Behold, the Seven Summits. The tallest mountains on each continent. From the dense jungles of New Guinea to the baren wilderness of Antarctica, this drawing has the worlds mightiest peaks. The most elite climbers make this their ultimate goal and very few have succeeded.  Odds are you've never met someone who has climbed the Seven Summits.

Are you the kind of crazy person who climbs large heaps of rocks for fun? Do you frequently miss exits because you are staring at the mountains? Then this map is for you!

The heights of each point are to scale. Some artistic liberties have been taken and some stats might spark old debates.

 Artist and Chief Map Officer: Isaac Dushku



The 16x20 is about 9.85 x 10^-4 of Mt Denali's height

The 22x28 is about 0.0013 of Mt Denali's height. 

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