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Kansas PRE ORDER***

Kansas PRE ORDER***

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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! Which means this isn't completely done yet. Check out my instagram Lord_ofmaps and if you can get me advice on what to include soon, I will try my best to add it (within reason). This will take up to 4 weeks to ship. 


High quality print of my hand-drawn map. It’s printed on heavy paper (think card-stock but thinner). This thing is hand-drawn, so I wouldn’t recommend it for navigating cities or hiking trails....or really anything except wandering.


These frames perfectly compliment my maps. They have a “distressed” look to them that add to the vibe I’m going for. With a good solid build, these frames will last for generations with a style that is timeless.

  • 100% Wooden Frames
  • Shatter Resistant Plexiglass insert
  • Vertical and Horizontal “claw” mounts

The frame will be shipped with the map separately. This helps minimize potential damage during the treacherous shipping process.

Note from the Artist: Personally, I prefer to hang my art without any sort of glass insert. While the glass prevents damage, I think it introduces a glare that I want to avoid. Without glass, you can take pictures of your map in direct sunlight glare free!

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