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Tallest Buildings in Each State **PRE ORDER**

Tallest Buildings in Each State **PRE ORDER**

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**This is a PRE ORDER which means this map is not 100% completed and ready to ship. It will take up to 4 weeks from today (11/28/2022) to ship out. If you buy this map in the same order as another map, both will be delayed. THIS MIGHT NOT ARRIVE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Ye have been warned.**

Do you love incredibly tall and expensive pieces architecture? Are you inspired the giant monoliths that make up city skylines? Have you wondered how each state stacks up against each other? Then THIS MAP IS FOR YOU.

Tall buildings have always captured my imagination. As a kid (and even now) I hated that the worlds tallest buildings are in some far distant land instead of here in the United States. I even had dreams of becoming a billionaire and building the worlds tallest building right here in Centerville, Utah. 

This is my representation of the tallest buildings in each state compared to each other. It is to scale vertically. My intention while creating this work of art was simple: fun. This is not intended to be an authoritative list (the methods of measuring tallest buildings can vary widely) nor is it intended to settle age-long debates. I hope you just have fun while looking at this drawing. Don't go revise your cash offer to buy a skyscraper because of the new data on this map.  






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